Wizard with a Gun | Four-Player Co-Op + More | Out Now

Take your co-op wizardry to arcane new heights in Better Together, a free content update for Wizard with a Gun that brings, at long last, four-player co-op! Journey to the Shatter with up to three fellow Gunmancers in your crew, choosing from four new preset difficulty levels. Or create your own custom difficulty mode, tweaking variables to make the game harder or easier. Wizard with a Gun has never been more accessibleor more challenging. Back at the Tower, unlock the Librarya new buildingto unearth fascinating lore about the Shatter, Chaos, and the many other mysteries of Wizard With a Guns fractured world. Rebuild the Voidskimmer sky ship with materials gathered by hunting down rare bounty enemies. Then open the doorway to the Oculus and experience the thrilling conclusion to the main story of Wizard with a Gun. Brace yourself for a fresh, challenging experience where greater firepower brings greater rewards. So grab your posse, mount up, and get ready to battle Wizard With a Guns most dangerous challenges to date!