Lords of the Fallen - VERSION 1.5 'Master of Fate' OUT NOW | Buy Now on PC, PS5 & Xbox Series X|S

Lords of the Fallen is out now on PC, PlayStation5, and Xbox Series X|S: http://lordsofthefallen.com/buy-now Today marks the arrival of Version 1.5 - Master of Fate, the culmination of over 30 updates released since launch, resulting in significantly improved performance, stability and optimisation, alongside rigorous difficulty balancing in response to your feedback. As part of this, were delighted to also release our highly-anticipated Advanced Game Modifier System, available to all players (both new and old), granting the ability to fully customise your playthrough. This now concludes the Free Content Roadmap announced shortly after launch, which has added the following content and quality of life enhancements for Lords of the Fallen, vastly improving the experience for all players: - Significant performance, optimisation and stability improvements - Rigorous difficulty balancing including mob density reduction & nerfed ranged attacks - Split PvP and PvE game balancing - Online multiplayer enhancements for improved matchmaking and connection stability - New questlines including Season of the Bleak, Trial of the Three Spirits, and Way of the Bucket - New armour and weapon sets - Additional secret boss weapon abilities - Improved boss encounters with additional movesets & new AI - 12 new spells including the arena-devastating Immolation - New grievous strikes: each weapon family now features two unique finishers: one for single-handed wielding and another for two-handed wielding - 3 new projectiles: Blood Vomit, Explosive Mines, and Frost Worms. - QOL updates including: inventory expansion, appearance reset, storage functionality & gamepad rebinding The latest new feature the Advanced Game Modifier System - places power directly into your hands, allowing you to fully customise your game experience, using any combination of seven modifiers, to make the game easier, more difficult, or simply a completely new experience every time. Modifiers include the ability to randomise enemies, alter mob density and even enable a form of permadeath. Please find additional details in the new video below, with an introduction from our Head of Studio, Saul Gascon: